Let's Give Him a Big Hand!

From the aptly named Disturbing Auctions comes this item:

Hand Puppet

That is disturbing. While I pride myself on having a pretty good imagination, all attempts to imagine who would come up with a Dean Martin Hand Puppet, or why, collapse in failure. I'm less of a person for seeing this.

I wonder what Dino himself thought?

"Hi Dean, I'm your new marketing manager. We're trying to move away from autographed photos and album covers, and into the up and coming areas of hand puppets, lunchboxes and pinatas."
"All right! The big time at last!"

It's no easier imagining kids playing with this:

Kid one, with Dean Martin Hand Puppet: "Hiya, Frankie."
Kid two, with Sinatra Hand Puppet: "Hey, it's Dino! Ladies and Gentlemen, Dean Martin!"
Kid three, with various generic hand puppets on a tree branch: "Yay! Applause noises!"

Sometimes when I see things like this, I wonder if it means I'm in one of those weird parallel worlds people are always falling into. It's not the only explanation, but it sure fits...like a glove.

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