Churling and Churling in the Widening Gyre

When someone gives you four hundred and ninety dollars, it seems churlish (to say the least) to dwell on the ten dollars it would have taken to make the gift an even five hundred. One should be properly grateful and show due consideration of the giver's generosity. One should.

A case in point: the magnificent Ren and Stimpy collection recently released by Paramount. It's a trove of imagination, humor, vulgarity, excellent design, smooth animation, magic nose goblins, and nostalgia. Several of the episodes appear uncensored for the first time, a number also have audio commentary, there are galleries, pencil tests, etc. A fan could scarcely ask for anything more.

So why do I feel a proper churl, then? Why am I looking at that missing ten dollars? Perhaps you'll understand if I say three simple words: Bloody Head Fairy.

If you know what that phrase denotes, I have to inform you that his entire appearance has been cut from "Haunted House."

Apparently John Krisfaluci hated his appearance so much that, for this set, he exercised his creative prerogative and excised him from existence.

The reasons for this are too long to go into here; a reasonable Google search will turn up the details. It's a sad story of the clash of commerce and creativity, and it apparently scathed John K pretty badly. One can see why he would want it removed.

However, as one commentator noted, removing the Bloody Head Fairy removed the only really memorable aspect of "Haunted House;" without it, it's a fairly mediocre entry.

As the same commentator (on, I believe) went on to note, much as I have here, it seems ill-mannered to pass over the wonders the set contains only to concentrate on the demerits. Everyone seems to think the best way to approach this, is to be grateful for what we have, and not dwell on what we lack.

After all, some of the extras included make it very unlikely there will be a volume two that would include any of these fan favorites.

And I'm trying to be positive. Nonetheless, color me a churl.

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